Steak Frites NYC is open seven days a week without interruption of service

Welcome to our Steak Frites NYC website! 

Experience the authentic steak frites meal right at the heart of big apple. 


Way back in 1995, Steak Frites NYC is just a small bistro in Wisconsin. Thanks to A1 Garage Door Service in Milwaukee, we’ve built our first family Bistro in front of our house with a breathtaking garage door. We got the idea when we first had our vacation in France for a couple of months. Since we’ve done cooking steak almost every day, we decided to turn it into a family business. Thus, our first Steak Frites Bistro was created. Because of the overwhelming support of the customers, it didn’t take long to open our second Steak Frites Bistro in NYC. 


When you dine with us, we serve you dishes such as fresh green salad dressed with a tangy vinaigrette dressing and crushed nuts that stand as appetizers. These are the favorite starters before we present you with the best, mouthwatering steak frites in town. The latter is drizzled with our famous and secret family recipe sauce. We’ll bring it to you within just a few minutes that you won’t have to wait long. Feel free to accompany your meal with our extensive wine selection. To finish off your meal, you can choose from our wide range of luscious homemade desserts which include profiteroles, flavorful ice cream,  meringues, and other sweets that will satisfy your sweet tooth. 


Health conscious much? We have vegetarian dishes, and vegan counterparts available for you. Our grand finale for your healthy meal is a delightful assortment of desserts baked in-house by our very own pastry chef. With all these, we assure that you will enjoy your food and your healthy food requirements will be met because we use only the freshest and most organic ingredients from our suppliers. 


No time to cook but still also too busy to eat outside? Wants to have a bonding with your friends or families as you share tasty dishes? No worries, Steak Frites Bistro is ready to deliver your favorite Steak Frites meal right at your doorsteps. Contact us today! 


Celebrating special events? Why not bring your special someone to our place? Whether if it’s just a party of two or a company party, we are ready to host it. We can accommodate 200 persons in one event. Just be sure to inform us of your events at least 30 days prior the intended date. Bring your party to us and experience great services as you enjoy our tasty dishes in the house. 


Steak Frites Bistro provides you with the perfect ambiance too. Feel relaxed and experience comfortable seating while listening to good music any time of the day. Watch out for live music available every Fridays and Saturday. Jam with your favorite local and popular bands as you drink all our specials. 


Steak Frites NYC is open seven days a week without interruption of service. See the detailed schedule and other offers in the services section of this site.  


Thank you and we hope to see you soon! 

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