See the reviews of people already tried our steak frites. 


It’s all about value at this unique steak frite house in NYC where the one-trick-pony menu consists only of steak frites and salad for a fixed price; there’s a no-reservations rule, but fans generally find it quick and easy. 



My favorite restaurant in NYC. All I can say is the service is on point and consistent. The menu is simple and very delicious. The desserts are delicate and marvelous. I go to New York just to eat at this restaurant. 



One of my favorite place in Milwaukee! Excellent service and food. They do Steak frites and they do it very well. On top of that they have an extensive wine selection, a perfect pair of their steak and entrees of outstanding deserts. If you’re in the area of Wisconsin make sure to stop by at Steak Frites Bistro. 



The sweet dessert is the highlight of this classic meal service. The steak is a competent rare, the secret sauce succulent, the frites plentiful and on the thinner, crispier end of the French fry spectrum. It’s absolutely worth to visit. 



Deluxe French-style bistro. Fix price meal, and excellently prepared lunch with their secret sauce, with an extensive wine list. Only choices are the cooking levels of the beef. Pricey for lunch, but friendly, attentive service. 



A different take on the good old steak with that good old fries. You do get two servings though. That mustardy sauce leaves something in the palate but for good reasons that is to keep you coming back for more. 



Whenever I miss my favorite Café in France, or simply want to have a lovely rare steak with butter and herbs sauce, this is where I go! Their only menu makes it so easy and simple to order, just make sure you know how you want it to cook.  


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