About us 

Before we manage to have our own family business of Steak Frites Bistro, we’ve just worked as normal employees. Our family decided to take a vacation in France for a couple of months. We lived in our relatives house. Honestly, we loved cooking and there is when we learn a variety of recipes On how to make steak more appetizing. We also cemented the idea of building our own restaurant while we were there. The ambiance alone influenced us, and we decided to take it back upon return to Milwaukee. 


When you come in our Steak Frites Bistro in Milwaukee, you will find our place had cheerful, comfortable, and relaxing aura. We adopted a western style ambiance which helped make then place interesting to our customers. Add that to the fact that we have a wide selection of wines and drinks, use the freshest and most organic ingredients, we became easily one of the favorites among locals and tourists alike. 


Today, we are proud to say that our Steak Frites Bistro is now open in NYC. We recommend to you our Steak Frites which is made up of quality Angus beef at a reasonable price. We like the Steak Frites concept because it’s an all-encompassing tasty meal that is simple yet indeed satisfying. For New Yorker’s foodie, Steak Frites meal is the best option. 


Our restaurant in NYC provides fine accent to the elegant bistro décor. The pleasant and lively atmosphere of the bar area warmly welcomes the guest as they enjoy drinks at the bar or dine leisurely while the sconces and chimes clinging in the dining room appeal the overwhelming ambiance of a Bistro. The perfect way to enjoy your summer afternoon drink was on the charming outdoor terrace of Steak Frites Bistro while experiencing the sunset of the city of the big apple. 


Steak Frites Bistro has a lot to offer our customers. Keep browsing to check out other dishes. We’d love to have you here. Visit us soon! 

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